While there really is no “typical” day for students during an Island School semester, the following outline provides a sense of the busy schedule students live while attending The Island School, particularly during the first half of the semester before expedition rotations:


6:15 AM

Wake up and get ready for morning exercise.

6:30 AM

Morning circle. Led by student caciques, or daily leaders, students congregate announcements and the singing of the Bahamian National Anthem.

6:35 AM

Morning exercise. Students train for either the culminating half-marathon or super swim events through a variety of exercises that include running, swimming, and calisthenics.

7:30 AM

Chores. Students contribute to the cleanliness and maintenance of our campus.

7:50 AM

Personal Space. Students tidy up their bed space and get ready for the day.

8:15 AM

Breakfast. Students and educators share meals and the responsibility of doing dishes at three or more mealtimes each week.

9:15 AM

Classes begin: Histories of The Bahamas. Students discuss the complexity of defining the term culture and reflect on their own worldview.

10:15 AM

Land and Environmental Art: Students examine the works of an environmental artist, such as Andy Goldsworthy, and brainstorm ideas for the creation of their own artworks.

12:15 PM

Lunch. The dining hall is full of learners, leaders and educators both living within our school community and visiting from other schools and universities for Educational Programs and Research Projects.

1:15 PM

Marine Ecology: Students discuss their SCUBA dive earlier in the week, working on their fish identification skills in order to better understand their environment.

2:15 PM

Research: Students head out into the field to survey Lemon sharks in a nearby tidal creek.

4:15 PM

Exploration time. Students explore hundreds of acres of land on Cape Eleuthera, visit a local beach, or simply catch up on work or rest.

5:55 PM

Dinner circle and dinner. Led by the student caciques again, dinner circle includes announcements and a reflection on the day.

7:15 PM

Study hours. Ample time is provided each night for students to attend to their assignments. Each student gets a 20-minute phone time slot once every week during this time.

10:00 PM

Check-in. Students are expected to check-in to the dormitory with faculty.

10:30 PM

Lights out. In order to ensure that students are well rested, a 10:30 PM lights-out rule is enforced every night.