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Faculty & Staff

Our students have the opportunity to learn alongside passionate and dedicated educators from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are all educators: whether we have dedicated years of higher education to our disciplines, have lived on Eleuthera our entire life, are conducting scientific research at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, or are testing the waters of the educational profession under the tutelage of more experienced teachers.

Chris Maxey, Island School Founder
Chris Maxey

Emma Alexander, Histories and Community Outreach
Emma Alexander
Histories, Community Outreach

Jai Leal - Medical and Risk Management
Jai Leal
Medical and Risk Management

Sharil Deveaux, Culinary Arts
Sheryl Deveaux
Culinary Arts

Rodney Thompson, Culinary Arts
Rodney Thompson
Culinary Arts

Derece Thompson, Culinary Arts
Derece Thompson
Culinary Arts

Joseph Elidieu, Farming, Livestock, and Landscaping
Joseph Elidieu
Farming, Livestock, and Landscaping

Oscar Knowles, Facilities
Oscar Knowles

Taylor Hoffman, Admissions Associate
Taylor Hoffman
Associate Director of Admissions

Ron Knight, SCUBA Operations, Waterfront
Ron Knight
Waterfront & SCUBA Operations

Joanna Paul, Education
Joanna Paul

Leigh Schmitt, Human Ecology Teacher
Leigh Schmitt
Human Ecology Teacher

Lisa Schmitt, Environmental Art Teacher
Lisa Schmitt
Environmental Art Teacher

Olivia Gell, Literature Fellow
Olivia Gell
Literature Teacher

Danielle, Community Relations and Administration
Danielle Gibson
Community Relations and Administration

Shantaire, Accounting
Shantaire Mckinney
Accounting and Administration

Devaughn, Purchasing
Devaughn Sweeting

Pam Maxey, Island School Founder
Pam Maxey

Peter Zdrojewski - Marine Ecology, Research
Peter Zdrojewski
Director of The Island School

Sophia Louis, Kitchen Manager
Sophia Louis
Kitchen Manager

Tiffany McKinney, Kitchen Manager
Tiffany McKinney
Culinary Arts

Merlene Munnings, Culinary Arts
Mooch (Merlene)
Culinary Arts

Arlington Brown

Valentino Hall
Valentino Hall

Johnny Alexis
Johnny Alexis
Farming and Landscaping

Cam Powel, Director of Alumni Relations
Cam Powel
Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Relations

Geoff Walton, Technical Advisor
Geoff Walton
Technical Advisor

Cassie Kruthoff - Director of Early Learning Center
Cassie Kruthoff
Director of Early Learning Center

Information Technology
Sony Bellot
Information Technology

Mathematics Teacher
Catherine Klem
Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics Teacher
Jon Fantazier
Mathematics Teacher

Histories Fellow
Suzanna Brown
Environmental Art Teacher

Chenara Carey
Accounting and Administration

Sherrelle, Accounting
Sherrelle Deveaux
Accounting and Administration