Dear Island School Students & Parents,

Congratulations again on your acceptance to The Island School! This page outlines our required enrollment forms. We suggest that you begin to tackle these soon! As you prepare to study in a new country, we ask that you follow these steps carefully, and with attention to each detail. Working together, we can make sure that your arrival is not delayed by paperwork!

Below, you will see there are forms that must be printed, completed, and mailed to our stateside office in Philadelphia. In addition, there are forms to be completed and submitted online. All of the steps below must be completed and mailed no later than Friday, July 12th.

Forms to be mailed:

*We must receive all of the original signed documents (not copies). You will want to make a photocopy or scan of each document you mail to us to keep for your own records.

1.  PADI Dive Forms and Medical Statement: Please schedule a physical exam with your doctor. A standard physical examination performed by a doctor is required of all students for the Bahamas immigration purposes. Conveniently, in order to pre-qualify for diving, a form requiring your doctor’s signature is part of the PADI Medical Statement, so we meet two requirements with the same form. Please print, fill out, and sign the PADI Dive Forms and Medical Statement, then take these forms to your doctor at the time of your physical in order to obtain his or her signature.

2.  Get 4 Passport sized Photos.  Passport photos must be 2 inches x 2 inches square on genuine photo paper (not regular printer paper), and the picture must be with the participant standing against a white background only. CVS pharmacy often provides this service. Students must sign their signature on the back of each individual photo (we recommend using a ball-point pen).

3. First Schedule Form 1 Immigration Document, this is a required document by the government of The Bahamas and has several sub-steps:

a) This form must be printed on legal-sized paper only (8.5 inches wide x 14 inches long).  Regular letter-size (8.5 inches x 11 inches) paper printouts of this form are not accepted by the government of The Bahamas. Please use the following document as a guide for completing this form properly: Form 1 Instructions and Police Background Request Form.

b)  Include 2 photocopies of the picture page of the student’s valid and current passport.

c) You MUST sign this document in the presence of a notary and get their official seal and stamp (a bank, law firm, or UPS store often has a “notary public service” for a small fee; take your photo identification). *Please note this is the student’s signature notarized

d) You MUST obtain a police background check. Please print the Request for Police Background Check Form, fill it out, and take it to your local police station. They should issue (on police letterhead) a background check confirmation.

*We are aware not all states issue a background check for minors, please email if you encounter this issue.

4.  Permit to Reside ApplicationThis form is required by the government of The Bahamas and will be attached to the First Schedule Form 1 Immigration document. The application does not need to be notarized. Please use the following document as a guide for completing this form properly: Permit to Reside Application Instructions.

Once you have completed the steps above, please mail original copies of documents to the following address:

WeWork c/o The Island School

Cape Eleuthera Foundation

1430 Walnut St. #200

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Forms to be submitted online:

1.  Obtain a Diver’s Alert Network ID Number.  Please fill out the information asked for in The Island School Participant Insurance Information (click on the link to open). You will need to follow the instructions on the 2nd page in order to obtain your DAN number. Remember to go back and fill that number into the space on the first page.  When you have completed the form, return to the second page and hit “Submit”.  You may wish to print a copy for your records.

All of our students are required to have purchase both the DAN Preferred Membership, which includes DAN Dive Accident Insurance which covers evacuation and any medical care for a diving or snorkeling accident as well as evacuation coverage for any other medical situation that requires evacuation with $10,000 in covered medical costs. The cost of this is $75. *Please note if you reside in Vermont, the Preferred Membership is not an option, the Guardian Membership is equivalent.

If you are planning to attend our Parent’s Weekend, we request that any Island School visitor over Parents Weekend register and purchase the a DAN Membership. We recommend purchasing a DAN Family Membership ($55), which allows all family members, including your student attending The Island School, to be covered under this insurance. This membership covers evacuation costs for diving and non-diving emergency medical evacuation. It does not cover the hospitalization costs as your child's preferred coverage does.  We do not have a hospital on Eleuthera so this is a necessary protection in case of any type of illness or accident that requires hospital medical care occurs whiles on Eleuthera. In order to participate in the activities of Parents Weekend, we will ask you to provide proof of a DAN Membership. If you are planning to dive during Parent’s Weekend, we will ask that each individual planning to dive also purchases the DAN Preferred Membership Dive Accident insurance.

You can find additional information on each DAN Membership and review the individual or family packages here. Information regarding evacuation can be found under the “benefits” section.

Please note: When purchasing your membership, please list 447558 as your referral code from The Island School

2.  Sign and date the Cape Eleuthera Island School Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement.  Both Participant and Guardian must sign and date the Acknowledgement of Risk and Liability WaiverPlease print a copy for your own records.

3.  Fill out, sign and date The Island School Health History Form. Please print a copy for your own records.

Here is an Enrollment Forms Checklist to use as a guide. Please print this out and check off as you complete each step so you know what forms to submit and how. All forms are to be completed and sent/submitted by Friday, July 12th.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with any questions.

All the best,
The Island School Admissions Team

(866) 730-6624 |