The morning exercise program is a rigorous physical education program by any standards. The entire community—students and faculty alike—spends at least one hour participating in a variety of workouts five days of the week. Many exercises include a combination of swimming, running, and calisthenics; other offerings center on team sports such as water polo, volleyball, or ultimate Frisbee, while yoga and free-diving opportunities develop flexibility and concentration over the course of the semester.

By the third week of the semester, students must decide on a specialized course of training in preparation for one of two pinnacle challenges: a half-marathon or four-mile “super swim.” Three workouts per week are dedicated to this effort. Other notable workouts include three physical assessments: a combined run and swim that allows students to track their progress throughout the semester. A sample week of the exercise regimen might look something like this:




This exercise consists of exploring the unique coastline surrounding Cape Eleuthera. A series of man-made peninsulas make a great course for cross-training by running along the coast and swimming across each of the peninsula's small bays. Students who lead the pack get the extra benefit of calisthenics while they wait for their peers each leg of the way.

Run & Swim Tracks.

Students choose to either train for a half-marathon or 4-mile “Super Swim.” The length and intensity of these exercises increase throughout the semester until peaking at the main event. A typical endurance workout would include running 5 miles with a series of sprints or swimming 1 mile with a series of form workshops. Tracks are led by the same faculty members who teach academic courses and live on campus among students.


An optional sunrise free dive is also available a few times during the semester, depending on weather and participation.

Run & Swim Tracks.

Water Polo or Yoga.

These exercises are a wonderful way for students to exercise their team sports abilities or alternatively to reflect on their physical health in a meditative way. 

Run & Swim Tracks.


Students are encouraged to maintain a healthy level of rest in preparation for the week to come.